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Powercentre switch panels

Split charge to multiple battery banks is an integral part of the system, using the advanced P2000 system. The module also picks up the voltage and amperage redings for the display via re-installed integral shunts, requiring only a single multi-core data cable to feed the display, making for a simple installation.

VSR system employs heavy duty contactors rated at 100, 200 and 350 amp which are sealed to IP66, providing far greater switching than other systems, and includes remote timed on emergency link start for low engine battery capacity.

VASR system includes current limiting to prevent overload to the charging system and engine battery from inverter or thruster operation with low battery voltage.

battgaurd can be fitted to avoid a flat service battery from excessive inverter use. It also provides a power reserve for critical circuits while improving battery life.

continuous rating  80, 125 and 250 amp

multi-function remote control panel with :-

Bar-graph display provides multiple view of both volt and amp readings for all load batteries, allowing battery level, plus  charge and discharge to be monitored for all batteries simultaneously.

Digital + bar-graph allows overall view of batteries via bar-graph, then checked accurately if required with the digital read-out

Fresh water tank level can be checked on the ammeter bar-graph display, it only requires fitting a remote tank level sensor.

Powercentre have manufactured switch panels since 1983, during this period supplying around 10,000 units, mainly custom panels to the production boat builders.

Powercentre has always had a number of design rules, no fuses are fitted only circuit breakers, battery status and split charging is integral when fitted, and no stick-on labels are used.

To-day we offer a range of standard or custom one-off switch panels for boat builders or individuals fitting out a boat. These are based on a range of standard modules, circuit breakers, displays, split charge and flat battery protection. Though made up of standard modules, the panel size and layout are designed by Powercentre to suit your particular boat.

data sheets

The new compact range of switch panel coming on-line employ PTC re-setable fuses. This is a Polymer  that has a low resistance normally, if a high current is applied it changes to a high resistance. This blocks the current flow until the fault is removed, at which point it reverts to a low resistance. Due to it’s construction it is waterproof and ideal for damp environment

PTC compact

The existing range uses thermal circuit breakers, mounted to give a flush re-set button. Switching is carried out with either a rocker, or toggle switch with visual indication of switch on and circuit breaker tripped via red and green LED’s

PTC protection is mounted alongside the switch, if it trips a window lights red, a blue light indicates circuit live. A number of switches can be fitted 2 fuses allowing independent feeds to 2 circuits.

Navigation lights provide independent circuit protection to each circuit. all the navigation light switches are inter-locked to only allow correct sequence. The boat mimic indicates which navigation lights are switched on.

Thermal circuit breakers are mounted next to the switch, in normal use they are flush with the panels front, on tripping they pop out and show a red light.

circuit trip
circuit live
reset button
circuit on
green LED
circuit trip  red LED
1 engine 2 battery banks
1 engine 4 battery banks, also 3 bank option

available for twin engine / alternators units
to suit 2 bank, 3 bank or 4 bank,
375 x 135 mm
355 x 255 mm
Classic range
Classic range options

Compact range
Compact range options