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P4000 the first battery management system appeared in 1982, a combination of the P2000 VSR and the P3000 battgaurd. To-day it’s much advanced in load capacity, display and operational features. The display now has individual bar-graphs plus digital readout, while fresh water tank level can be checked and emergency link start activated. This coupled to it’s extremely simple installation makes it ideal for both boat builders and people fitting out their own boats.

P4000 display allows all charge functions to be monitored simultaneously, with multiple LED bar-graphs for both volts and charge amps or net amps, digital read-out, fresh water tank level check and engage emergency link start button.

battguard provides audio visual alarm, alarm mute, 4 minute timed over-ride to power isolated equipment, permanent over-ride and manual engagement.

Display option for integral or remote battguard display

Installation only requires connecting a

multi-core data cable.

P4000 control module, split charge and power lock-out contactors are pre-assembled on a stainless steel mounting plate.

The assembly includes hall effect shunts, data pick-up for the display module, all circuits are protected by PTC fuses ( auto resetting )  including display feeds and contactor coils.

P4000 switching employs heavy duty industrial contactors ( relay ), that have IP66 water protection. Unlike relays employed by other manufactures, contactors can carry far higher loads while maintaining a contact volt drop of only 0.04 volt / 100 amp.

They have disconnect currents far above their nominal capacity rating and carry intermittent loads 3 or 4 times their rating. This makes them ideal for short high load applications like the emergency link start feature.

P4000 battery managment systems

standard option / to order 3 battery bank + powerguard digi-bar display remote  control P4000 powerman