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Kdd has it’s roots in a Patent we took out in 1973 to solve the volt drop problem encountered charging batteries via blocking diodes, yes it’s that old. The result was the Astrali Apollo energy system, the first portable power pack to recharge in the boot of your car.

Since this initial design work, the company has had a rolling development programme to develop better ways of charging multiple battery banks. The next big step forward in 1980 was the introduction of the VSR charging system. Using the engine battery voltage to close a relay, thus providing zero volt drop split charge.

1982 saw the Powercentre range introduced, for the first time you had zero volt drop split charging with a battery level display and flat battery protection all in one unit. This was followed by two more firsts. Twin engine 3 battery bank split charge system, again with battery status and plat battery protection. At the same time multi-stage mains battery chargers were introduced that inter-faced with the split charge system. Providing primary service battery charge and power supply, with off-peak charge to engine batteries and maintenance charge, all with remote status panel.

The same period saw the introduction of marine switch panels, integrating the Powercentre range of split charge with circuit breakers, with production  of around 10,000 units by the end of the millennium to production boat builders

1990 saw developments in bar-graph displays, digital displays and the use of all effect current monitoring. This system gave a current shunt that carried no current, had no heat, did not need cables cut and had infinite overload. The millennium closing with the introduction of analogue drive for the Hall effect shunt range.

2013 and things have not stood still on the split charge front, with the introduction of 3 and 4 bank VSR systems for single, twin engines and twin alternators on a single engine. Much increased switching loads are available for split charge, or flat battery protection, better integration of components to make for even better installation. New control systems have been developed that will be available soon, integrating current and voltage into the split charge control, plus things that will take years to come into the market place.

For four decades customer care has always been a priority with Kdd Powercentre with :-

Free technical support, even if it’s fitted to a 30 year old boat and your the 10th owner.

Spare parts for Powercentre systems, we supply spare for equipment going back 30 years.

Repair / refurbish for Powercentre switch panels and mains battery chargers upto 30 year old.