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Horizontal option

Remote circuit breaker.

Minimise power

cable run

20 , 30, 40, 55 amp

Horizontal mount  

20 - 40 way  5 amp 10 amp 16 amp
12 - 28 way  5 amp 10 amp 16 amp

Vertical mount

Micro & Mini 12 volt switch panels

Combines switching and protection in one small unit, fly-by-wire bus bar system without the computer.

Switches allow twin protected outputs, a fault on cabin lights would still maintain half lights on.

switch panel


15 way x 135 mm high
Linear 65 12 volt switch panels

65 mm high and extremely flexible 12 volt system offering a range of circuit protection from 5 - 55 amp from a very small footprint.

Horizontal or vertical mounting, integral battery monitoring and split battery  recharge provides a complete system for small boat, or multiple units can be used for larger ones

Linear 135 12 volt switch panels Compact 12 volt switch panels

Provides a 135 mm high modular panel system, comprising navigation lights with mimic, plus battery level and water level on one module. A second DC power module, has 7 options for the number of circuits from 15 - 35 circuits.

Shortly an AC module will become available.

Powercentre custom panels, if nothing above suits you requirements, then let us make you a one off to your requirements.

Provide a range of various profiles, vertical, horizontal, square or rectangular, allowing optimum utilization of space and circuits.

Panel legends are to customer requirements and backlit white, with blue on and red circuit breaker trip LED’s dots.

Custom 12 or 24 volt switch panels

pdf downloads

WESTERLY switch panels

replacement WESTERLY switch  panels

Powercentre split charging and monitoring  SEALINE  spares and replacement panels  WESTERLY  spares and replacement panels
expandable x 135 mm high
15 way x 150 mm high

Download 1 : 1 scale switch panel drawing

click on name.


For the last 40 years Kdd Powercentre have been developing better ways to charge batteries. From the Patent in 1973 which introduced the portable power pack, to integrated current monitoring and protection in to-days advanced split charge systems.


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